Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici visits Cannon Beach Fire Department

2 August, 2016

Cannon Beach FD hosts one of PNSN’s recently installed strong-motion accelerometer that was deployed last summer as part of the first phase of Earthquake Early Warning network expansion.  The City of Cannon Beach worked closely with CNFD staff to organize the location.

This station was purchased in part by the advocation that federal representatives put forth within congress, and Congresswoman Bonamici does her part to follow up with said efforts.  As one of only a few currently functional sensors in Clatsop County, the Cannon Beach station is particularly important for catching earthquake activity along Oregon’s north coast.  Over the coming years, this region will be a focal point for adding a greater density of sensors.

The visit between PNSN (Leland O’Driscoll), City of Cannon Beach (Dan Grassick, Mayor Sam Steidel, Garry Smith, Jim Paino), CBFD (Chief Matt Benedict), Clatsop County Emergency Manager Tiffany Brown, and Congressional staff (Rep. Bonamici, Ali Mayeda, Sarah Baessler) was reported in The Daily Astorian (link here).

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